May 9

Winter Drone Flight over Mallacoota 9 May

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Winter has come early to Mallacoota, and the rain has been falling for days. But today, the sun finally came out, and I couldn't resist taking my drone out for a flight.

My first stop was Captain Stevensons Point, where I took some photos from the ground before the rain started again. But after about an hour, the sun was back, and I went to the fishing platform to launch my drone.

I flew around the west shore of Coull's Inlet, starting at a height of about 10 meters and going up to 40 meters. The drone's camera captured a stunning 4k 60fps video of the beautiful coastline.

Next, I flew to the back of Coull's Inlet and took a 360 and 180-degree image of the surrounding area. Then, I flew past the wharf, went up to about 80 meters, and took another 360 and 180-degree image. Finally, I flew back to the fishing platform, took another 180 and 360-degree image, and landed.

Although the wind had dropped, there were still strong gusts that made the flight challenging. The temperature was also cool, about 14°C, but the views were breathtaking. The clouds were mainly white with some greys and dark grays, and several rainstorms could be seen in the distance over the ranges to the West and North. Gabo Island could just be seen on the East.

The winter weather may be keeping many indoors, but the stunning landscapes of Mallacoota are still worth exploring, and a drone can capture them like never before. Stay tuned for more drone photography as the seasons change.

In Mallacoota's winter realm, where land meets the sea,
A view unfolds before me, like a canvas set free.
Glimmers of rainbows dance upon the ocean's sway,
As gentle waves whisper secrets, for only few to portray.

The cold, chilly wind embraces the rugged shore,
Caressing the landscape, its mighty presence roars.
Flashes of deep blue sky peek through the clouds,
Painting a picture of hope amidst nature's shrouds.

An empty campground stands, longing for warm embrace,
Silent echoes of laughter that time cannot erase.
A few boats sway gently, seeking refuge from the gales,
As nature weaves her story, with each gust that prevails.

Even the birds find shelter, nestled in their own retreat,
Finding solace amidst branches, their melodies discreet.
In this tranquil moment, nature's stillness abounds,
A symphony of solitude, where serenity surrounds.

Oh, Mallacoota's view, a masterpiece to behold,
Where nature's raw beauty unfolds, as stories untold.
With every passing breath, the essence of this place,
Imprints upon my heart, a memory to embrace.


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