Mallacoota Markets: A Hub of Community and Creativity

Welcome to Mallacoota Markets, where community spirit and creativity come together in a vibrant showcase of local talent. Nestled in the heart of Mallacoota's Community Precinct, our markets are a cherished tradition that bring together residents and visitors alike to celebrate the unique character of our town.

Upcoming Market Events

Market TypeWhen
Artisan Markets1st Saturday of every month + extra holiday dates
Pop Up MarketsOccasional events beside the Bank
Lions Summer MarketsNot happening this Summer season (2023)

Artisan Markets

Our Artisan Markets are a monthly highlight, held on the first Saturday of each month, from 8 am to 12 pm. These markets run all year, bringing a touch of Mallacoota's local magic to each event. Don't miss out on the chance to discover unique creations from our talented community.  Contact is  or Linda on 0447 890351 to book a site.

The Artisan Market has some special plans for this summer, with additional market days on the 23rd of December, 20th of January, and the 30th of March

Pop Up Markets

Occasionally, we host Pop Up Markets in the paddock beside the Bank in the main street. Keep an eye out for announcements about these special events. They offer an opportunity for something a little different and unexpected.

Lions Summer Markets

The Lions Summer Markets, a cherished tradition during the school Christmas holidays and at Easter, will not take place this Summer season (2023/24). The Mallacoota Lions Club is actively seeking volunteers to help bring these markets back in the future. is their web site.

A Community Effort

Mallacoota's markets are a testament to the collaborative spirit of our community. We invite you to explore these vibrant events, whether you're a local artisan looking to showcase your creations or a visitor eager to experience Mallacoota's unique offerings. Come immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, savour the delights of our region, and discover the heart of Mallacoota at our lively markets. For more information, visit Please note that my page is more up-to-date than the official websites. We also proudly run a stall featuring my drone photos, prints, and art.

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