February 13

Where Waters Collide: High Tide at Captain Stevenson’s Point Mallacoota 12 Feb 2024

East Gippsland


As the tides peaked today, Captain Stevenson's Point and the vast Mallacoota Lake presented a spectacle of nature's artistry. The mouth at Bastion Point, usually a serene gateway for the lake's waters, today was a dynamic canvas where the ocean's crystal clarity spilled into the lake. The Foreshore Holiday Park, nestled in greenery, bore witness to this aquatic bounty from its prime vantage point.

Our cameras were on hand to capture the aftermath of the high tide, the moment when the lake brimmed with the ocean's offerings. We've encapsulated this natural event in a series of panoramas that stretch from the sandy shores across the water to the distant tree lines. Each panorama, a testament to the serene beauty of Mallacoota, tells a story of water, land, and the confluence of two worlds.

The video we've compiled flows over this landscape, a visual journey that brings the viewer from the gentle commotion at the lake's mouth to the tranquil life by the park. The waters, now full and vibrant, reflect the sky's blue expanse, inviting onlookers to marvel at the pristine quality that only a full tide can bring.

Join us on our blog as we explore the High Tide at Captain Stevenson's Point in greater detail. Dive into the visual feast of four exquisite panoramas and follow the narrative of our video, which sails over the landscape, capturing the essence of Mallacoota's coastal charm.

At Captain’s Point, the waters kiss,
High tide's embrace, pure bliss.
The lake, a glass beneath the sky,
Holds the ocean's sigh.

Bastion's mouth, where currents meld,
In its depths, clear stories held.
The Holiday Park, in green array,
Watches the dance of bay and bay.

Panoramas tell the tale,
Of crystal waters, vast and pale.
Through the lens, the beauty found,
In Mallacoota's sacred ground.

So come and see, the tide's high crest,
At Captain’s Point, where waters rest.
The lake and sea, a mirrored view,
In Mallacoota, ever true.


Australian coast., Bastion Point, Captain Stevensons Point, drone photography, Foreshore Holiday Park., high tide, Mallacoota Lake, Nature, panoramic views

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