December 26

Where River Greets Sea: Boxing Day at Betka River Mouth

East Gippsland


Sweeping Panoramas and Soaring Visions: A Drone’s Tale of Betka's Beauty

As the festivities of the season continue, we turn our gaze to the natural splendour of Betka River Mouth, where the Boxing Day spirit meets the tranquil beauty of the Australian landscape. Our latest blog post captures the essence of this serene locale, where the Betka River graciously concludes its journey into the embrace of the South Pacific Ocean.

Through the eye of our drone, we've stitched together a series of 180-degree panoramas that capture the expanse of the beach and the gentle flow of the river. Each panoramic shot encapsulates the grandeur of the landscape, inviting viewers to step into a world where the sky, land, and sea converge in a picturesque symphony.

But the true gem of this collection is the drone video, a fluid narrative that glides over the Betka River Mouth, dipping close to the sun-kissed sand and rising to greet the azure sky. The footage sweeps across the beach, over the lush canopy of the bordering forest, and out towards the untamed ocean, encapsulating the raw beauty of this coastal haven.

Join us as we explore the Betka River Mouth and Beach from perspectives unheard of. Immerse yourself in the landscapes through our 180-degree panoramas and be swept away by the breathtaking drone footage. It's a visual journey that celebrates the untouched beauty of Mallacoota and the serene joy of the Boxing Day holiday.

Betka's Embrace

In the arms of Betka, where the waters kiss the sand,
The river's end, a gentle touch, a lover's final stand.
Underneath the full sun’s gaze, on shores so wide and free,
Nature paints with water's flow, a dance for you and me.

The river winds, a silken thread, through banks of gold and green,
A symphony of quiet waves, a tranquil, unseen dream.
But on the horizon loom the clouds, a tapestry of grey,
Whispering of rain to come, in this serene ballet.

Yet Betka smiles beneath the blue, oblivious to the storm,
In its peaceful solitude, a world within is born.


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