March 10

Todays Job 63x21cm Prints



Capturing the natural beauty of Mallacoota with stunning panoramic prints

Mallacoota, a remote and breathtakingly beautiful town on the far eastern coast of Victoria, is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in Australia. And as a local photographer, I feel incredibly lucky to be able to capture the beauty of this area with my camera.

Yesterday, I took my drone out for a spin at Karbeethong and captured a breathtaking panoramas of the Mallacoota lakes system. The Upper Lake was visible on the left, while the Lower Lake was visible on the right, connected by the Narrows. The rugged Australian bush dominated the northern shoreline, while the distant Howe Ranges provided a dramatic horizon to the scene. In the center foreground, you could see Karbeethong, a small community with roughly 100 houses, the Lodge, and a marina.

Today, I'm excited to offer two stunning prints of these panoramas, each sized 63x21cm and framed with natural recycled hardwood at $300 each. The first print is a faithful reproduction of the photo as it was captured by the drone, showcasing the natural beauty of the landscape in all its glory.

For those who prefer a more artistic interpretation, the second print has been transformed into a beautiful piece inspired by the Impressionist style. This interpretation adds a unique and whimsical touch to the already stunning view, making it a true work of art. 

I ended up making 4 2 of them with a white wash finish on the frame, see photos below.

These prints are custom-made for local pickup or delivery, and I'm happy to deliver them to your doorstep and even help you hang them on your wall. Whether you're a local resident looking to bring a touch of Mallacoota's natural beauty into your home or a visitor wanting to take a piece of this stunning scenery with you, these panoramic prints are a perfect addition to any space.

Don't miss the chance to own a piece of this breathtaking scenery and bring a touch of beauty into your life with one of these exquisite prints. Contact me to place your order or to learn more about the prints and delivery options.


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