August 15

The Tranquil Koala of Mallacoota



Witness Nature's Majesty in Unique Formats

Perched amidst the Mallacoota gum trees, a koala's serene gaze beckons you into its tranquil world. We're thrilled to bring this intimate moment to you in two distinguished formats:

  1. High-resolution Photograph: Delve into the unadulterated magic of the moment with every crisp detail laid bare.
  2. Painted Artwork: Immerse yourself in an evocative rendition, where artful brush strokes capture the koala's placid charm.

Each portrayal is available either on the textured allure of canvas or the rich vibrancy of high-quality matte paper. Opt for the recommended 42x42cm size and embrace a touch of Australian wildlife in your living space. at RedBubble

In a Mallacoota gum, poised and free,
A koala rests, as still as can be.
Eucalyptus scent fills the air,
As it dreams without a single care.

Its fur like ash from fires long gone,
Yet in its eyes, a new dawn's song.
Leaves rustle with a gentle sway,
As the koala greets the break of day.

A symbol of strength, of Aussie pride,
In the gum tree's embrace, it does reside.
Nature's lullaby, the whispering tree,
Harbours the koala, wild and free.


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