December 22

The Solstice Skyline of Mallacoota: Sunset 22 Dec 2023

East Gippsland


As the Earth tilts on the solstice, the skies above Mallacoota present an unparalleled visual symphony, and we've captured this celestial dance in all its glory. Our collection—comprising a video, 180-degree panoramas, and 21 stunning photographs—offers an immersive experience of this unique event.

A Cinematic Solstice Celebration

The highlight of our collection is a video that captures the sun's descent on this longest day, with its vibrant hues casting a golden sheen over the township and waterways. As the sun bids its slow adieu, the lake reflects the spectacle in a display of nature's quiet splendour, preserved forever in this moving tableau.

Panoramic Vistas: The Canvas of the Cosmos

The 180-degree panoramas offer a comprehensive view of Mallacoota's vast beauty. From the gentle curves of Coull's Inlet to the commanding presence of Bastion Point and out to the grandeur of the South Pacific Ocean, these images encapsulate the landscape in a sweeping embrace.

Photographic Tapestry: Eighteen Moments of Awe

Accompanying these are 18 photographs, each a still-life portrait of Mallacoota's solstice. They capture the intimacy of the moment: the serenity of the Narrows, the communal pulse of the township, and the lone contemplation at Lakeside Drive's fishing platform. Each photograph is a keepsake, an invitation to ponder and appreciate.

Artistry Encased in Timber

To bring the essence of Mallacoota into your space, we offer these photographs as standard 90cm x 30cm prints for $250 AUD, postage included. For a more bespoke touch, custom-made wooden frames are available for an additional $100 AUD. Crafted from recycled timber, these frames are not just holders of art; they're a statement of sustainable elegance and a nod to the natural beauty they encase.

As the year wanes, let the solstice be your reminder of nature's perpetual cycle. Bring home a fragment of this celestial occurrence, and let the warmth of Mallacoota's solstice sunset illuminate your home throughout the seasons.


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