July 13

The Enthralling Dance of Land and Sea: A Day at Betka River Mouth



What a pleasure it was to start my day, high above the Betka River Mouth, observing the tranquil union of river and sea. This harmonious rendezvous set a serene tone for the entire day. Through this blog post, I hope to share with you some of that tranquillity, along with the striking visuals I was able to capture with my drone equipped with a Hasselblad four-thirds sensor.

As the sun gradually ascended, it cast a charming sheen on the river. The water sparkled in a clear golden brown hue, creating an inviting contrast to the emerald green of the ocean. Waves gently broke over the orange-brown rocks, adding an additional layer of dynamism to the scene.

The landscape is beautifully textured – the vibrant green bush punctuated with stark grey trees, poignant reminders of the bushfires from three years ago. The resilience of this ecosystem is palpable; nature, it seems, is an expert at rising from the ashes.

The highlight of the day was, without a doubt, the stunning 180 panoramas I managed to capture. From my elevated vantage point, the view was simply breathtaking. The snaking blue mirror of the Betka River, meandering towards the distant hills, provided a beautiful balance to the sea's vast expanse.

I invite you to delve into this awe-inspiring landscape through the lens of my camera. Virtually step into this stunning location by checking out the 360 VR experience, lose yourself in the detailed photographs, and immerse yourself in the mesmerising video, all of which I've shared below.

Moments like these hold a certain magic, where the beauty of nature leaves one speechless. As I packed up my gear at the end of the day, I was filled with a profound sense of gratitude for the opportunity to witness and share these landscapes with you. I hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me.

As always, your continued support is appreciated, and I look forward to bringing you more from my travels. Be sure to check out prints from this captivating day at the Betka River Mouth, available in my Redbubble store.

From Betka River's mighty height,
The vista spans beneath my sight,
A river mouth, by sandbars closed,
Where crystal seas and river posed.

The water, gleaming golden brown,
Reflects a sky that wears no frown.
Emerald waves crash rocks ashore,
Echoing the ocean's roar.

Amidst the green, the trees stand tall,
Their grey limbs tell of fires' fall.
Yet sprouts anew, a brighter green,
Tales of resilience are seen.

Where river bends in serpentine,
Blue mirrors grace the landscape's spine,
As distant hills stand proud and still,
This scene does the beholder thrill.


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