November 11

The Dawn Palette: Mallacoota’s Morning Glow 11 Nov 2023

East Gippsland, Sport


As the sun crests the horizon in Mallacoota, it brings with it a gentle symphony of colours, a daily masterpiece that decorates the sky and bathes the tranquil landscapes in a soft, golden light. Today, the drone's eye captures this serene sunrise, etching into memory the tranquil waters and the sleepy town as it awakens. The panoramic view reveals the interconnectedness of land and water, a tapestry woven with the threads of nature and community.

The Dawn Palette: Mallacoota's Morning Glow

The image taken today, November 11, paints a breathtaking scene. The sky, a canvas of purples and oranges, reflects in the placid waters of Mallacoota. The town, nestled amidst the embrace of the estuary and the sea, stirs quietly. The drone hovers silently, respectful of the moment, capturing the boats resting at the docks, the caravan park just starting to show signs of life, and the distant mountains standing as silent witnesses to the dawn.

A Reflective Morning

As the light changes, so does the mood of the landscape. Shadows soften and the contours of the town become more defined. The drone's camera focuses on the textures of the scene: the smooth water, the rugged shoreline, and the orderly rows of houses and trees. This is Mallacoota in its morning attire, peaceful and unassuming.

Nature's Embrace

The estuary is a highlight, a confluence where the freshwater meets the sea, a meeting point for birds and fish alike, teeming with life that the morning light begins to reveal. Our drone hovers closer to the water, capturing the subtle ripples and the dance of light upon the surface.

Dawn's soft glow over silent tides,
Kayaks at rest, the wind abides.
Anglers gather, tales untold,
Nature's breath, serene and bold.

Reflections dance on waters still,
The competition's pause, a tranquil thrill.
A day unfished, yet much is gained,
In quiet moments, peace attained.

Winds will rise, and sails will yearn,
For now, we watch, we wait, we learn.
Mallacoota's charm, in stillness lies,
Beneath the vast, awakening skies.


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