February 15

Tea Towel Design



Welcome to Mallacoota 2020! We are currently in the planning stage of designing a tea towel that captures the beauty of Mallacoota. The tea towel will feature an image of Mallacoota and a poem at the below, with a classic option also available. We are looking for a supplier who can print 100 of these tea towels on linen measuring 50x70cm.

If you're interested in ordering one of these unique tea towels, you can visit our website at http://coota.au/tea-towel-design/ for more information. We also offer a canvas option of the design that can be ordered now through our Etsy store at https://bit.ly/m2-t1.

The second poem at the bottom of the tea towel is a classic that perfectly captures the charm and beauty of Mallacoota. Stay tuned for updates on the design and production of these exclusive tea towels!

"Mallacoota's Shore by Colin Dixon"

By the shore of Mallacoota's bay,
Where the hills meet the ocean spray,
Where the gum trees whisper in the breeze,
And the kangaroos bound with graceful ease.

As the sun dips low, the sky turns gold,
The beauty of nature never grows old,
And the sea, stretching out so wide,
Invites us in with a gentle tide.

The dolphins play in the crystal waves,
While the birds sing sweetly, a joyous parade.
And as the stars light up the night,
The magic of Mallacoota is such a sight.

Koalas rest in trees up high,
As nature's symphony fills the sky.
Here, time seems to stand still,
A place of wonder, where the heart can fill,

With the beauty of nature's grand design,
Mallacoota's shore, a treasure divine.
Where the wildlife thrives in harmony,
A stunning sight for all to see.

"By the Sea" by Emily Dickinson

One by one, the flowers close,
Lily and daisy and rose;
One by one, the birds go home,
Sparrow and lark and thrush alone;
And the day is past and the sun is set,
And the quiet stars in heaven are met,
And the weary children, soft to sleep,
Are folded in dreams so hushed and deep.

But the sea is still, and the sea is wide,
And the fish in the wavelets softly glide;
And the gulls in their nests on the shingle lie,
And the ships in the offing are sailing by;
And the world is calm, and the night is fair,
And the wind is hushed, and the stars are there.


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