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Sweeping Views: Captain Stevenson’s to Mallacoota Mouth 16 Jan 2024

East Gippsland


As the sun arcs across the expansive Australian sky, our lenses - both panoramic and spherical - capture the tranquil beauty of Mallacoota from the historic Captain Stevenson's Point to the serene mouth of the lake. This blog post is an invitation to journey through 360-degree and 180-degree views that encapsulate the essence of this cherished coastal enclave.

From the vantage of Captain Stevenson's Point, the 360 image invites you to a standstill in time, a complete embrace of Mallacoota’s lake as it unfolds in all directions. Rotate virtually and take in the lush greenery of the caravan park, the tranquil azure of the lake, and the distant hills that rise like sentinels guarding this natural paradise. The stillness of the water, mirroring the sky, serves as a canvas upon which the clouds paint shifting reflections.

Transitioning to the 180 panorama, the lens stretches over the landscape, capturing the breadth of the vista from the sandy edges of the lake to the swaying eucalyptus that dot the horizon. The beachgoers appear as tiny figures, their movement a slow dance against the vastness of the scene. The gentle flow of the lake as it meets the sea at the mouth offers a natural juxtaposition of environments, a convergence of ecosystems.

Accompanying these images is a video, a dynamic passage through this diverse ecosystem. The drone glides over Captain Stevenson's Point, offering a bird's eye narrative of the land's gentle sweep into the water's embrace. As we move towards the mouth, the video captures the subtle interplay of light and current, the quiet activities of the day's visitors, and the gentle lapping of the waves that whisper the stories of Mallacoota.

This visual voyage not only showcases the beauty of the region but also invites contemplation on the seamless connections within nature. Here, at the meeting point of freshwater and saltwater, we find a symbiotic dance of land, sea, and community.

At Mallacoota’s edge, where waters blend,
From Captain's Point, to the Mouth's end.
The lake whispers tales of ebb and flow,
In panoramic grace, the heart does grow.


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