May 11

Sunset Coull’s Inlet 25 October 2022

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Delve into a 360-degree view of the slightly flooded wharf, a mesmerising sight with high water levels due to recent rains. Experience the calm of Coull's Inlet leading your gaze to the distant blue-grey sea, with the majestic Gabo Island adorning the northern horizon. Witness the lake transformed into a serene grey mirror, reflecting the blue sky and the soft, wispy clouds tinged pink above Gabo Island. Order on RedBubble

Journey through a dynamic visual narrative of the flooded wharf, narrated by the high water levels from recent rains. From the tranquil expanses of Coull's Inlet to the blue-grey sea and Gabo Island on the horizon, this video captures the raw beauty of Mallacoota's unique landscape. The lake, a perfect grey mirror, reflects the varying moods of the sky, creating a captivating visual symphony.

Print Description (60x40cm with White Washed Recycled Hardwood Frame): Immortalise the serene beauty of Mallacoota in your space with this exquisite print. Showcasing the slightly flooded wharf and high water levels from recent rains, this print offers a stunning view from Coull's Inlet out to the blue-grey sea. The grey mirror-like lake beautifully captures the reflection of the sky with its soft, wispy clouds tinged pink over Gabo Island. Framed in white washed recycled hardwood, this artwork brings a touch of Mallacoota's natural beauty into your home. text here...

Bathed in the final blush of day,
Where Coull's Inlet meets the bay,
The wharf lies quiet, soaked in rain,
Mirroring the sky's soft stain.

Gabo Island, distant sight,
Rests beneath the coming night,
Its silhouette in shades of grey,
Fades with the last light of day.

The sea, a canvas vast and wide,
Reflects the evening's gentle tide,
Its surface, a serene mirror,
Casts the sunset hues clearer.

The clouds, like wisps of spun gold thread,
Adorn the sky's vast overhead,
Touched by the sun's final flare,
They blush pink in the cool air.

In this tranquil, silent hour,
Nature unveils her secret power,
With twilight's brush, she paints anew,
The day's farewell, the night's debut.

The day ends, but beauty lingers,
Painted by the sun's soft fingers,
A scene that whispers, soft and slight,
The tender sonnet of the night.


Australian Scenery, Coull's Inlet, Drone Video, East Gippsland, Flooded Wharf, Gabo Island, High Water, Lake Photography, Landscape, Mallacoota, Nature, Print Artwork, Recycled Hardwood Frame, Scenic views, VR360

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