April 14

Sunset Coulls 14 April 2021



 Greetings everyone! On the 14th of April 2021, we were treated to a truly mesmerising spectacle. As the day neared its end, the sun began its descent over the majestic Genoa Peak, creating a glorious amalgamation of colours that painted the sky in hues of orange, pink and purple.

What made this evening special was not just the sunset, but the reflections it cast over the serene waters of Coulls Inlet. The tranquil surface became a mirror, capturing the vibrant colours of the sky above. Adding to the scene were three graceful pelicans gliding past the LochArd Cruise boat, their silhouettes creating a striking contrast against the golden water.

Further into the inlet, the Sea Mist sat anchored at its buoy, bathed in the warm glow of the setting sun. The scene was truly picturesque, making for some captivating photographs. As we moved our gaze towards the Mouth, the link between the lake and the sea, we could see Captain Stevenson's Point in the distance, under the vast expanse of the painted sky.

Narrows. This unique location, which links the lower lake to the upper lake, was bathed in the soft, warm hues of the setting sun. Its tranquillity was mirrored perfectly in the still waters beneath, creating a surreal and peaceful atmosphere. The sight of Sea Mist, floating in this mirror-like expanse, was an absolutely enchanting view to behold.

Such captivating evenings are a regular occurrence here in Mallacoota, and I consider myself fortunate to be able to witness and capture these moments. These photographs are a testament to the region's natural beauty, and I hope they bring as much joy to you as they do to me.

As always, these photos are available for purchase as prints from Red Bubble, with larger sizes arranged separately. They are perfect to adorn your living spaces, bringing a piece of Mallacoota's serene beauty into your homes.


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