November 9

Sunrise the Launch Hobie Kayak Championships at Mallacoota 9 Nov 2023

East Gippsland, Sport


A Morning of Majesty: Mallacoota Awakens to the Hobie Fishing Series

The break of day on November 9, 2023, didn't just herald the rise of the sun; it marked the ascent of competitive spirits as the Hobie Fishing Series 14 Australian Championship anglers prepared to take on the tranquil waters of Mallacoota.

A Cinematic Start to the Day

Captured from the skies, a drone video reveals the daybreak over Mallacoota in all its glory. The sunrise, a symphony of colours, performs with a natural grace that only the early risers have the privilege to witness. With the soft hum of the drone gliding through the cool morning air, viewers are treated to a spectacle that feels like the world’s most serene wake-up call.

On the shores, the silhouettes of the Hobie kayaks add a sense of purpose to the peaceful morning tableau. As the sun's rays stretch across the sky, painting it with hues of gold and amber, the kayaks are launched, one by one, into the still waters—each departure a story, each stroke a silent resolve.

Immersion in 360 Degrees

For those who wish to stand amidst it all without getting their feet wet, a 360VR image over Coulls Inlet offers an immersive experience. With a full panoramic view, the virtual reality image places you at the heart of the action, allowing you to gaze upon the kayaks as they embark on their journey, surrounded by the waking beauty of Mallacoota.

The Art of Angling in Panorama

Complementing the video and VR are photographs and 180-degree panoramas that capture the essence of the morning. They show the intensity in the anglers' eyes, the camaraderie in their banter, and the serene environment of the Inlet. Each photo tells a story, and each panorama invites the viewer to look a little closer, to feel the morning chill, and to appreciate the calm before the competitive storm.

Join Us on the Shore

We invite you to experience this momentous day—whether through our dynamic drone footage, the enveloping 360VR experience, or the vivid detail of our panoramic photography, there is a slice of the Hobie Fishing Series for everyone.

Please enjoy the serenity and spectacle, and may the best angler triumph in the waters of Mallacoota. Don't forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below and share this post with those who carry a love for fishing in their hearts.


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