October 14

Sunrise Sojourn Over Mallacoota 14 Oct 2023

Art, Poetry


Upon the morn in Mallacoota's embrace,
Where sunrise paints with a restrained grace,
Heavy clouds o'er Gabo Island lie,
Whispering tales of the vast, open sky.

In the shallows, water birds stand at ease,
Unmoved by man, or the soft morning breeze.
The lake's mirror reflects the heavens so true,
Capturing hues of pink, orange, and blue.

Warmth spreads gently, as the new day is born,
Nature's symphony greets the tranquil morn.
By the Wharf and to Coull's Inlet we roam,
In this quiet moment, nature is home.

As dawn broke over Mallacoota, we embarked on a captivating drone expedition, capturing the morning's restrained beauty in 4K clarity. With heavy clouds brooding on the horizon beyond Gabo Island, the sunrise unfolded in muted hues, casting a soft glow over the tranquil landscape.

Our journey began at the storied Wharf. Here, in the gentle shallows, water birds, including poised pelicans, stood still, seemingly lost in contemplation. They appeared undisturbed by the drone's presence, a testament to nature's serenity in the early hours.

Progressing from the Wharf, the Foreshore Park gradually came into sight. A scattering of caravans hinted at early risers, perhaps brewing their morning coffee or simply soaking in the calmness. The drone's vantage point offered a fresh perspective on this beloved locale, its details accentuated by the warm morning light.

As we ventured further, the iconic Mouth of Mallacoota emerged, a testament to nature's grand design where the calm lake embraces the majestic ocean. Our flight path then looped back over Coull's Inlet, its waters mirroring the overcast skies, before culminating at the Wharf once again.

In addition to the video, we've crafted an immersive 360VR tour, allowing viewers to step virtually into this mesmerising morning. And for those who appreciate the vastness of panoramas, several images await, encapsulating the essence of Mallacoota. Every snapshot from this morning flight is available for purchase, ready to adorn your walls, whether in expansive frames or more intimate sizes.


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