August 12

Sunrise Serenity at Bastion Point 12 Aug



There's a tranquil beauty to winter mornings in Mallacoota, and this morning at Bastion Point was no exception. Under a vast expanse of grey-clouded sky, a chink on the horizon opened up just enough to allow the sun to peep through, casting its golden warmth over the chilled landscape.

High tide meant the lake was full to the brim, the waters placidly mirroring the changing hues of the sky. An intriguing feature of the morning was the location of the mouth – pushed as far south as geography allows. This has given birth to a notably small Bastion beach while extending a sandy groyne northwards, drawing a distinct line between the lake's still waters and the vast Pacific Ocean.

As the first rays of dawn stretched out, they illuminated the majestic Howe Ranges, making them appear close enough to touch. It was a sight to behold as the sun emerged, the pinnacle of nature’s daily show.

For the eagle-eyed observer, a surprise awaited: far on the horizon, a large container ship sailed smoothly, heading south towards the mysterious Gabo Island, probably embarking on a journey as long as the tales that surround these waters.

My drone captured these moments with incredible precision. Through its lens, you can relive this morning’s magic with a series of 180° and 360° photos, and a mesmerising video that brings the scene to life. Every ripple in the water, every shade in the sky, is there for you to experience and cherish.

This is Bastion Point at sunrise - where nature unveils its daily masterpiece and every moment is worth framing.

In the hush of Bastion's morn, where the sea's embrace is worn,
By the lake's full heart and high tide's subtle play,
The vast grey clouds, in their sweeping array,
Part to reveal where the sun's first rays lay.

Majestic Howe Ranges, standing bold and near,
Catch the first glints, as the horizon clears.
The mouth has moved, as if by some hand's design,
Crafting a beach so delicate and fine.

In the far off distance, like a sentinel in dream,
A ship moves to Gabo, in the sun's rising gleam.
Oh, Mallacoota, in your quiet repose,
Your beauty at sunrise, forever it glows.


BastionPoint, dronephotography, GaboIsland, HoweRanges, MallacootaSunrise, PacificOcean, WinterMornings

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