April 11

Sunrise Drone Video of Betka River Mouth 11 April



On Tuesday 11 April, I woke up early to capture the Betka River Mouth on my drone. To my surprise, the mouth was still closed despite expecting it to break through overnight. As I flew my drone, I could see evidence of high tide washing into the lake and there was a lot of kelp that wasn't there the day before. The ocean was still wild with large waves crashing on the beach. However, the lake was calm and mirror-smooth, reflecting the many shades of grey in the early morning sky with a hint of pink, a few darker greys, and occasional spots of blue as the sunrise struggled to break through over the distant Gabo Island.

As I continued my flight, halfway through my 11-minute video, the sun finally broke through the clouds, illuminating the sea with brilliant rays of white gold that reflected over the water. It was truly a stunning sight to behold. The video captures the natural beauty of the Betka River Mouth, from the vast expanse of the sea to the peacefulness of the lake.

Throughout my flight, I noticed plenty of birds around, including pelicans, seagulls, swans, turns, and swallows. A lone walker and their dog were also spotted on the beach, enjoying the serene environment.

Overall, it was an incredible experience to witness and capture the Betka River Mouth at sunrise. The video is now available on my YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy.

At sunrise, the sky was painted grey,
But with tinges of pink and blue on display,
Reflecting off the calm, mirror-like lake,
The beauty of the morning was hard to shake.

The Betka River mouth was a sight to see,
With the thin strip of sand holding steadfastly,
The waves crashing onto the pristine beach,
The pelicans and seagulls within their reach.

The swans, turns, and swallows took to the air,
Dancing gracefully in the morning's fresh air,
A lone walker with a dog strolled the shore,
Taking in the beauty of the scene once more.

As the sun broke through the sky in a blaze,
Its rays casting a warm, golden haze,
Reflecting off the water and painting the sky,
The beauty of the Betka River was hard to deny.

In this tranquil and serene morning view,
Nature's beauty shone bright and true,
And though the scene may change with the tide,
The memory of it shall forever abide.


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