June 5

Sunrise Aslings Beach Rock Pool



Aslings Beach Rock Pool is a stunning rock pool located at the southern end of Aslings Beach in Eden. Surrounded by dramatic pink and white cliffs, this rock pool is a must-visit location for swimmers and photographers alike. It is regularly refreshed by the natural flow of seawater, making it a wonderful spot for a refreshing dip in clear waters.

The rock pool has fluctuating depth depending on the seas and movement of sand. When the water levels are low it is a great location for families, where little ones can splash in the water and spot sea critters and seashells. The nearby rocky ledges also provide excellent rock fishing.

Take a wander along Aslings Beach and enjoy the soft golden sand beneath your feet and the magnificent views to Twofold Bay's North Head. The beach is patrolled in summer, and the foreshore has picnic tables, skatepark, sports ground, shower and amenities.


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