March 9

Sunrise 9 March

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This morning, I had the pleasure of attending the Sunrise Breakfast organised by the Wilderness Collective at Mallacoota Inlet. The event was a wonderful community-building experience that brought together locals and visitors alike. The breakfast was provided by the local Lions Club and included delicious bacon and eggs, croissants, fresh fruit, tea, and coffee.

As always, I brought my drone with me and took some stunning aerial shots that I'd like to share with you here. The serene beauty of the landscape was truly breathtaking, and I felt a sense of peace and gratitude in that moment. The event was a great reminder of the importance of community building and the power of coming together to make a positive impact.

The Wilderness Collective is a social enterprise that is dedicated to promoting community building in far east Gippsland. They organise various events and workshops to bring people together and create a sense of belonging. The Sunrise Breakfast was a great opportunity to connect with the locals and learn more about the community.

The breakfast was delicious and was great to see the local Lions Club come together to provide such a wonderful breakfast for everyone.

As the morning went on, we engaged in meaningful conversations about the community, the environment, and our role in creating a better future. It was inspiring to hear about the various projects and initiatives that the Wilderness Collective  and  Matt Pfahlert from ACRE  has undertaken to make a positive impact in the community.

In conclusion, the Sunrise Breakfast organised by the Wilderness Collective was a wonderful community-building experience. The delicious breakfast provided by the local Lions Club, the stunning views, and the inspiring conversations made for an informative and inspirational  morning. I hope my drone photos can give you a glimpse of the beauty I witnessed. If you're ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend attending one of their events.


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