February 16

Sunrise 16 Feb



Experience the beauty of Mallacoota's sunrise at Bastion Point! Today, we had the pleasure of witnessing a stunning sunrise, capturing it with our drone and creating a 15-minute 4k video. We were also able to take several amazing photos, including 180-degree panoramas that showcase the beaches, rocks, ocean, and sunrise.

Forshore Holiday Park in the lake looks amazing in the yellow morning light, with many campers and green trees surrounding it. The town also looks picturesque, with its buildings and streets slowly coming to life as the day begins.

The high tide brought crystal-clear green seawater that looks inviting and perfect for swimming. We also spotted boats heading out for a day of fishing, some even making their way to Gabo Island.

We've also included some 360 images that allow you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Mallacoota. Don't miss out on this picturesque paradise!

As the sun began to rise,
We gazed in wonder at the skies,
And with our camera in our hand,
We captured beauty on this land.

Bastion Point, a scenic treat,
Where land and sea do gently meet,
The beaches, rocks, and ocean blue,
A breathtaking and stunning view.

The holiday park comes into sight,
As campers wake up to morning light,
The town awakens with a hue,
Of yellow light and morning dew.

Crystal clear green seawater flows,
As the tide ebbs and the tide grows,
Mallacoota, a gem so true,
Nature's beauty comes to you.


180 panoramas, 360 images, Bastion Point, beach, Beauty, fishing, Forshore Holiday Park, Gabo Island, Mallacoota, Nature, ocean, sunrise

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