October 17

Sunny Day at Eastern Beach Exploring Geelong’s Coastal Gem

East Gippsland


Geelong, Australia - On this warm, sunny October day, the Eastern Beach Reserve Swimming Enclosure in Geelong presents itself as a picturesque destination. The sky is a deep blue, dotted with fluffy clouds, and the sun casts a warm, golden hue over the shimmering waters of Corio Bay.

The Art Deco Masterpiece

Eastern Beach, known for its striking Art Deco architecture, beckons locals and tourists alike. As I navigate my drone above, the panoramic view reveals the beauty of this historic beach, fully restored in the 1990s. The beachfront, with its charming red brick kiosk and al fresco dining area, offers a relaxing retreat. Families and friends gather here, enjoying the serene atmosphere, the laughter of children echoing in the background.

The Iconic Swimming Enclosure

The heart of Eastern Beach is its renowned swimming enclosure. The drone captures the grandeur of this wooden structure, sweeping in a half-circle around 8½ acres of sea. Its shark gate, diving board, and floating islands make it a haven for swimmers. The adjacent sandy beach, merging into the children's pool, adds to the allure.

A Haven for Families

The children's pool, with its shallow waters and central fountain, is a hub of joy and learning. The VR360 images offer a stunning, immersive view of Geelong's Marina and the Sailing Club, capturing the lively marina with boats and the Ocean Pool's tranquil beauty. This perspective highlights the area's nautical charm and vibrant community.

Culinary Delights and Architectural Wonders

The kiosk, a red brick beauty, invites with its promise of fine dining and refreshments. The drone hovers, capturing the bustling al fresco area, where visitors indulge in ice creams and cold drinks. Nearby, the lifesavers and change pavilion stand proudly, their red terracotta tiles gleaming in the sunlight.

Ascending the white Spanish staircase, I capture its elegance with my camera. Halfway up, a fountain adorned with crane and tortoise statues offers a picturesque pause. From here, the views of Eastern Beach and Corio Bay are breathtaking.

A Playful Retreat

Adjacent to the beach, a large playground buzzes with activity. Children climb and swing, their joyful energy infectious. The drone's eye view showcases the playground's popularity, surrounded by lush parkland, a favorite throughout the year.


As the sun begins to dip, casting a golden glow, it's clear why Eastern Beach Reserve Swimming Enclosure is a beloved jewel in Geelong's crown. Whether it's through the lens of a drone, the immersive experience of VR360, or the simplicity of photographs, this coastal gem never ceases to amaze.



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