December 13

Sunlit Serenity: Betka Beach in the Morning Light 13 Dec 2023

East Gippsland


As dawn's early light gave way to the bright morning sun positioned at a 20-degree angle in the sky, I set out on a mission to capture the essence of Betka Beach in the full glory of an 8 AM sun. Armed with my drone and a sense of wonder, I've brought back more than just images—I've captured moments of tranquility as the high tide caresses the sands of Mallacoota.

A Journey Over Betka BeachEmbark on a visual expedition with our drone video, as we cruise above the waters where the Betka River greets the Southern Ocean. The morning sun throws a cascade of diamonds across the ripples, and the gentle waves mirror the clear blue sky.

In Every Direction: Panoramic ViewsFor an immersive experience, dive into our 360-degree panorama. Stand virtually on the sands of Betka and rotate through a world where water and land perform a delicate ballet. Then, let the 180-degree panorama sweep you across the horizon, capturing the breadth of the landscape from the dense greenery inland to the boundless ocean.

A Tapestry of MomentsPeruse our curated collection of photos in the image gallery, each one a chapter in the morning's narrative. Witness the intimate details: the dance of light on the wave crests, the footprints fading on the shore, and the vibrant life that thrives where the tides ebb and flow.

A Morning Poem: "Betka’s Light"

Beyond the dawn, the world awakes,
Betka’s shore, the sunlight rakes.
Golden beams at twenty degrees,
Dance on waves in gentle ease.

River's mouth meets ocean's call,
In the light, the waters fall.
Morning high tide’s soft parade,
On sands of time, no footprints fade.

In the sun, the beach alight,
Nature’s canvas, pure and bright.
A scene so still, yet full of life,
Far from the world and its strife.

So here’s Betka, bathed in light,
A peaceful realm, a pure delight.
Through the drone’s unwavering eye,
We watched the morning gently sigh.

I hope these captured sights and sounds will inspire you to seek out your own corner of peace today. Whether it's the rolling waves or the gentle rustle of leaves, may the tranquility of Betka Beach at morning tide find you wherever you are.


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