January 28

Summer, From Captain Stevenson’s Point to Coull’s Inlet

East Gippsland


Good day, cherished followers of the Coota Chronicles! As the sun sets on the last Sunday of our beloved summer holidays, I'm thrilled to bring you along on an aerial odyssey that’ll make your heart soar higher than a kite on a breezy day. Our journey starts at the legendary Captain Stevenson's Point, a spot that offers views so stunning, you'd swear the horizon was showing off just for you.

As we launch our drone from Captain Stevenson's Point, we glide effortlessly through the skies, the camera rolling in glorious 4K – so lifelike, you'll be reaching out to touch the clouds. We follow the winding path down towards Coull's Inlet, where the waters tell a tale of two hues: the vibrant aqua of the ocean fuses with the darker tones of the lake and river system, creating a mesmerising watercolour that only Mother Nature could dream up.

Sweeping through the air, we pass over Mortimer's Paddock, a peaceful patchwork of green that looks as though it's been quilted by giants. Here, we catch a glimpse of the Lake Mouth, a gateway between worlds where the lake waters kiss the ocean goodbye at Bastion Point. It's a dance of currents and waves that’s both powerful and poised, a natural phenomenon that's as rhythmic as the heartbeat of the earth.

Our flight takes us through scenes that are quintessentially Australian – from the rugged beauty of the bushland to the pristine sands that border the waters. The eucalyptus trees wave lazily in the light wind, a testament to the laid-back nature that Mallacoota embodies.

The skies above are alive with a parade of clouds, each one fluffy and white against the expanse of blue. They cast playful shadows that dance over the landscape, teasing the waters and the land below. And let's not forget the sun, which in its infinite grace, showers everything in a warm, golden light, reminding us that even as summer says its goodbyes, it leaves behind a promise to return.

To wrap up our aerial tour, we loop back, giving you a panoramic view of the Foreshore Park. It's quieter now, with most of the holiday crowd having departed, but the few remaining souls are soaking up the tranquillity, their laughter carried on the breeze like a favourite melody.

And for those of you craving an immersive experience, we've captured two 360-degree VR images. They're not just snapshots; they're your ticket to stepping right into the heart of Mallacoota, to stand where the eagles dare and gaze upon the beauty that will soon be a whisper of summers past.

As we bring our sky-high journey to a close, we find ourselves back at Captain Stevenson's Point, coming full circle. The day has been a tribute to the beauty that is Mallacoota, a hidden gem where the land, the sea, and the sky join in a celebration of nature’s splendour.

So, until our next adventure, keep your eyes on the skies and your spirits as high as our drone today.


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