September 19

Spring Sunrise in Mallacoota 19 Sep 2023

Art, East Gippsland


Capturing the Magic of Mallacoota: From 360 Videos to 180 Panoramas and Prints

At Mallacoota, break of day,
The sky a wash of pink and grey.
The water still as if to say,
"Here lies the peace in which we lay."

Sunrise ignites the distant shore,
A dance of flames we can't ignore.
It whispers tales of local lore,
Of ancient days and myths of yore.

The morning light does softly speak
To every hill and every peak.
In silent tongues for those who seek,
Another day, another week.

We're pleased to introduce our latest collection, a visual treat capturing the mesmerising beauty of Mallacoota from the sky. Our journey begins at Coull's Inlet, where our drone lifts off from the jetties and transports you towards the Mallacoota Wharf. The film is enriched by the serenity of pelicans and black swans on the tranquil lake and concludes with a view out to the sea, where Gabo Island is glimpsed, half-hidden behind clouds bathed in pink sunrise hues.

If still frames are more your style, you'll be delighted by our selection of 180-degree panoramas. These images encapsulate the natural splendour of Mallacoota in single, sweeping views that your eyes will find hard to leave. From skies painted in the colours of dawn to the stillness of the lake reflecting the lush surroundings—each panorama is a slice of paradise.

Don't just take our word for it, explore it yourself with our 360-degree virtual reality videos. Immersive and interactive, these videos place you in the middle of this coastal haven, letting you drink in every detail. A perfect escape for those days when you're stuck indoors but your mind longs for the freedom of the great outdoors.

Lastly, for those who wish to bring a piece of Mallacoota into their own homes, we have premium quality prints available at RedBubble. Just drop us a line to let us know what you're after, and we'll take care of the rest.

So why just read about it, when you can experience it? Dive into the magic of Mallacoota today.

In quiet beauty, Mallacoota lays,
A tranquil lake beneath a dawn ablaze.
Black swans and pelicans in peaceful glide,
While far-off Gabo looms on ocean's tide.

We hope you enjoy this offering as much as we enjoyed capturing it. Until the next adventure!


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