September 23

Spring Equinox 2021

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On September 23, 2021, a breathtaking spectacle was unfolding in Mallacoota. It was the Spring Equinox, and I was fortunate enough to witness a stunning sunrise over Gabo Island, while the moon was setting in the west. The vantage point was Captain Stevenson's Point, providing an unparalleled panoramic view of this extraordinary event.

A low cloud, almost like sea fog, rolled in from Gabo Island and gently floated into the lake. This ethereal sight was made even more awe-inspiring with the presence of two container ships navigating north, adding a touch of human element to the wild beauty of the landscape.

The sunrise itself was an enchanting blend of golden hues, deep oranges and grey-blue tones, merging with the hazy sky to paint a picture that words can barely do justice to. With the tide at its lowest, the lake was gently streaming out through the mouth into the ocean.

This calm, windless morning offered stunning views over the town oval and the nearly empty foreshore holiday park. It was as if Mallacoota herself was holding her breath, basking in the quiet splendour of this celestial alignment.

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In Mallacoota's embrace, on Equinox morn,
Gabo Island adorned with a sun newly born,
Golden rays burst forth, painting the sky,
A sea fog rolling in, whispers drifting by.

Moonset to the west, a celestial ballet,
As the sun climbs higher, night fades away,
Silhouettes of ships, their northward journey make,
A dance between worlds, as they sail in sun's wake.

From Captain Stevenson's Point, the beauty we admire,
A fusion of colors, like a celestial fire,
Oranges and blues, they mingle and blend,
A tapestry woven, where earth and sky transcend.

Lake's water streaming, with the ocean it entwines,
A quiet melody of nature, as tides mark the times,
The town oval below, the holiday park serene,
A witness to this moment, of enchanting dreams.

This Equinox morning, a memory to hold,
A story of Mallacoota, forever to be told,
In the hush of dawn, the world reborn anew,
A gift from the heavens, this breathtaking view.


Captain Stevensons Point, Container Ships, Foreshore Holiday Park., Gabo Island, Golden Sunrise, low tide, Mallacoota, Moonset, Sea Fog, Spring Equinox, sunrise, Town Oval

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