August 11

Special Panorama Prints from 2020: A Glimpse into Nature’s Beauty



I'm thrilled to introduce two unique panorama prints from 2020, each capturing Mallacoota's enchanting beauty at different moments in time.

1. Winter's Farewell: This first piece takes you to the serene moments of winter's end. With a harmonious blend of blues and browns, it showcases the winter rain's retreat from the lake. The setting sun casts a golden hue on the sandy beach, lake, and distant hills, making the whole scene come alive. Above, a textured cloudy sky adds depth to this visual symphony. The photograph is particularly striking for its portrayal of the mouth at the main beach's north end, taken during the day's closing hours. was $695 NOW $195

2. Spring's Awakening: Fast forward three months, and we greet spring in all its glory. This picture was captured early in the morning, with the vantage point offering a panoramic view from the crystal-clear emerald sea. The morning sun gently kisses the orange-yellow sand, setting it ablaze in contrast to the sea. As your eyes move from the mouth over the lake, Mallacoota stretches out till the narrows, with the majestic Genoa Peak standing tall beneath the vast grey-white clouds. Was $695 NOW $195

Both prints come with a sleek matte black wood frame, protected by a 3mm thick perspex glass. These are printed on high-quality matte paper, with a few wrinkles, as depicted in the photos. They still look great on the wall. Boths 660mm high and a little over 1200mm wide. Take Both for $300

These are not just prints; they are windows to nature's unparalleled beauty at different times of the year. Don't miss this chance to own a slice of Mallacoota's timeless charm.

Grab these specials while they last and let Mallacoota's beauty find a place in your home. These prints are available in other format canvas or aluminium  and sizes see my Etsy Store and  RedBubble.


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