February 21

Soaring Mallacoota: Epic Sights from Wharf to Harrison’s Channel 21 Feb 2024

East Gippsland


Today's voyage began at the bustling heart of Mallacoota, the Wharf, where the Lakeside Fishing Platform offers a steadfast greeting to all who venture onto the serene waters. Our drone, a silent observer, took flight, soaring with a bird's eye agility over the calm expanse.

From this vantage, Rabbit Island emerged, a lush emerald amidst the lake's sapphire embrace. The journey unwound along the waterway, skirting the start of Harrison's Channel, where nature's hues are painted with an artist's precision—the vivid greens, the water's deep blues, and the sandy whispers of the shore.

We glided past Horse and Goat Islands, their silhouettes a gentle interruption in the liquid landscape, under a dome of blue sky so pure it seemed a fantasy. Captain Stevenson's Point beckoned, its outstretched land cradling the waterway, a guardian of old watching over the modern dance of technology and nature.

Returning to the Wharf, our circuit complete, the drone's swift passage at over 70km/hr seemed but a gentle breeze over the land. Yet, in its wake, it left a tapestry of images, panoramic wonders and 360-degree marvels, each a frozen moment of Mallacoota's timeless allure.

And as we reflect on the day's adventure, the smooth lake and light breeze are captured not just in memory, but in the poetic dance of imagery and words:


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