December 29

Sky, Surf, and Seclusion: Quarry Beach Mallacoota 29 Dec 2023

East Gippsland


Quarry Beach Aerials: From Mummy Rock to Secret Sands

 "Sky, Surf, and Seclusion: Mallacoota's Coastal Charms Unveiled"

Today's expedition takes flight over the stunning stretch of Quarry Beach, with the drone’s journey extending from the imposing Mummy Rock to the elusive tranquility of Secret Beach. The day is dressed in brilliant blues and adorned with a procession of white clouds marching on the horizon, a perfect backdrop for an aerial exploration.

The flight captures the untamed essence of Quarry Beach in its full glory—a hidden gem behind the Mallacoota airport, a place where nature performs its daily rituals undisturbed. A couple of surfers carve through the waves, specks of determined energy against the vastness of the ocean, embracing the solitude and the surf.

Our blog post brings this experience to life, not just with sweeping drone footage but also through snapshots that capture the ephemeral beauty of this coastal haven. From the textured greenery of the bush to the rhythmic lapping of the waves against the shore, every element is a note in this symphony of seascapes.

Feel the excitement of discovery as you witness the untouched splendor of Quarry Beach, and let the serenity wash over you as though you were floating alongside the surfers in the water, with nothing but the blue sky and the beckoning horizon as your companions.


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