December 31

Sky-High NYE: Mallacoota From Bastion to Stevenson’s in 4K! 31 Dec 2023



Soaring Over Mallacoota's Splendor: A New Year's Journey in the Sky

As the year draws to a close, our latest blog post takes you on a soaring journey from the iconic Bastion Point, this New Year's Eve, over the tranquil waters of Mallacoota's lake, past Captain Stevenson's Point, and above the vibrant Foreshore park, bustling with holiday campers. The vista is a vibrant patchwork of nature and celebration, set against the backdrop of a clear sky with Gabo Island on the horizon, its lighthouse a faint but steadfast presence.

Our video begins with the bustling Bastion Point boat ramp, the carpark filled with visitors eager to embrace the ocean. The drone rises, revealing surfers carving through the waves and swimmers basking in the shallows, each enjoying the sun's caress. As we glide into the lake, the waters below mirror the sky, a blue expanse punctuated by the joyous activity of the holiday season.

Along the way, 180-degree images capture the breadth of the scene—each photo a story, a pause in time, inviting the viewer to step into the frame. The 360-degree captures offer an immersive experience, allowing one to stand at the heart of the landscape and turn a full circle, surrounded by the hum of the campers and the whisper of the waves.

This flight is not just a visual feast but a narrative of the shared joy that comes with the year's end. It is a testament to the beauty of Mallacoota and the communal spirit that thrives in its embrace.

As we return to Bastion Point, the drone dips low, bidding farewell to the waters, the campers, and the year that was, while welcoming the new year with a promise of continued wonder and beauty.

Ode to Mallacoota's Eve

Upon the eve of a new year's birth, Bastion Point stands bold,As waters meet with joyous mirth, their stories to be told.Gabo's light on the horizon faint, a guide for years to pass,While surfers dance upon the waves, a moving, graceful mass.

Campers nest 'neath Foreshore's green, a tapestry so vast,With laughter’s echo, scene by scene, in memories to last.The lake reflects the sky's own blue, a mirror to our soul,Inviting us to cherish views, that make our spirits whole.

So here's to Mallacoota's charm, to nature's grand display,On New Year's Eve, we find our calm, and welcome the new day.


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