March 4

Skate Park Rebuild



New Skate Park in Mallacoota Set to Revamp Local Recreation Space

The coastal town of Mallacoota is set to receive a brand new skate park, replacing the current steel ramp park which no longer meets industry standards. The new park has been designed to include flowing transition and street areas, half-pipes, handrails, quarter pipes, a spine and more, all shaded by beautiful gardens and landscaping. The design concept was inspired by an abalone shell on the rocky shores of Mallacoota.

The project was funded by the Bendigo Bank and local community organisations, with community consultation used to create a comprehensive design that responds to the needs and feedback of local residents. The project has been led by The Sanctuary (Mallacoota Youth Group) and Mallacoota Halls and Rec (Committee of Management), with support from the Mallacoota and District Recovery Association and Mallacoota Lions Club.

Construction of the skate park is set to be completed in late April 2023, and community involvement is ongoing with opportunities for feedback and updates throughout the construction phase. The new skate park is set to provide a vibrant family hub for all ages, offering a space to play, teach, and learn through active recreation and social inclusion.

The new skate park is part of a larger infrastructure project designed to support the town’s recovery after the impact of COVID-19 and devastating bushfires. The project aims to lift community spirit and provide much-needed recreational opportunities for local residents and visitors alike.

Two 180-degree panoramas taken today showcase the stunning natural surroundings of the Mallacoota area during noon low tide and windy conditions from the north. The first panorama captures the view looking north from the site of the new skate park, while the second provides a glimpse of the beautiful lake and surrounding area from the mouth past Captain Stevenson's Point along the foreshore park up to the wharf. Although these panoramas do not show the actual skate park, they offer a glimpse of the beautiful location where the new recreation space is being created for the community. Additionally, there is a video below the two images that will provide a better look at the project and surrounds.

A new skate park is on the rise,
Reinvigorating local skies,
Recreation space for all to share,
A place for fun, without a care.

Inspired by abalone shell,
Designs that truly cast a spell,
With handrails, half-pipes, and more,
The perfect place to ride and soar.

The local community has led,
With funds and feedback, they have fed,
Their hearts into this noble cause,
To make this space, without any flaws.

Construction's set to be complete,
In April, it will be a treat,
To see the families come and play,
And lift the spirits of this bay.

Amidst the natural beauty grand,
Two panoramas take a stand,
Revealing vistas of the shore,
And the lake's splendor, we adore.

This skate park is part of a plan,
To heal the wounds of fire and man,
To bring joy and recreation,
And build a brighter destination.


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