September 30

Sinkhole Shipwreck Creek

East Gippsland


Sinkhole Splendour: Shipwreck Beach's Hidden Gem

Just south of Shipwreck Beach, on the way to Seal Cove, lies an unexpected marvel—a vast sinkhole where waves peek from 50 meters within the shore. Captured on a grey, overcast day, the scene is both mysterious and captivating.

 Glimpses from Above

Our drone video reveals the sinkhole's grandeur, with the distant waves playing a mesmerising dance. Dive into the immersive 360° views or savour the expansive panoramas, showcasing nature's raw beauty. The photo gallery offers snapshots of this coastal wonder, each image framed by the soft, muted light of the cloudy sky.

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coastal mystery, Drone Video, natural wonder, overcast day, Seal Cove, Shipwreck Beach, sinkhole

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