April 16

Shipwreck Creek Unleashed: Fresh Tannin Waters Flow into Ocean – Stunning Aerial View

East Gippsland


Embark on an aerial journey today. Our drone captures the extraordinary moment when the rich, tannin-stained waters of Shipwreck Creek burst through their sandy confines and merge with the vastness of the sea. This dynamic confluence paints a striking contrast against the pale sands and crystal blue of the ocean, a vivid display of nature’s artistry. The scenic majesty of the Australian coast comes alive in this video, showcasing the vibrant ecosystem and the raw power of natural elements. Witness this spectacular event from a vantage point like no other, as we celebrate the unbridled spirit of Shipwreck Creek Beach.

Immersive 360° Experience: Shipwreck Creek's Majestic Breakthrough
Step into a Panoramic Journey Where Tannin Waters Kiss the Ocean

In whispers of wind and tales of the tide,
Lies Shipwreck Creek, with pride, side by side,
Beside her beach, where the gulls keenly preach,
Of the waters' stained glass reach.

Where the tannins seep, dark and deep,
From ancient earth's secretive keep,
They dance with sand in a tawny sweep,
A fluid painter’s brush, broad and steep.

Beneath the sun, the creek does run,
A serpentine ribbon, undone,
Through grains of time, it carves its fun,
To the beckoning blue, it’s finally won.

Here, the ocean's salty kiss,
Meets freshwater’s tannic bliss,
A confluence of worlds amiss,
Nature’s dance, hit or miss.

Shipwreck’s sands, tales untold,
Of mariner’s dreams, bold and old,
Now just whispers, caught in the fold,
Of creek and ocean, forever enrolled.

So, wander here, with heart and soul,
Let the creek's story take its toll,
For in every grain, in every roll,
Lies a universe, the beach’s scroll.


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