January 25

Secret and Pebbly Beach Jan 24

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Summer is the perfect time to explore the beautiful coastal town of Mallacoota, and what better way to do it than with a drone? Recently, I flew my drone over Secret and Pebbly Beach on Monday a sunny day with light winds. The results were stunning.

The drone footage captured the crystal clear blue-green waters of the sea, and the white clouds added a nice contrast to the sky. The sedimentary rocks in the sea cliffs were also a highlight, with their vibrant colours adding a unique touch to the scenery.

In addition to the drone footage, I also took panorama photos of the area. These photos allowed me to capture the natural bush and the picturesque sea cliffs in all their glory.

Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend visiting Mallacoota during the summer to see these beautiful beaches for yourself. And don't forget to bring a drone or a panorama camera to capture the sights!

This link shows all my 90x30cm panoramas https://bit.ly/E90x30

The drone soars high above the sea,
Capturing the beauty for all to see,
Crystal clear waters and white clouds high,
Mallacoota's secret beaches, a sight to the eye.

Sedimentary rocks in the sea cliffs,
Vibrant colors, a natural riff,
The natural bush and the sea cliffs so steep,
A sight to behold, a place to keep.

Summer days, light winds, and sun so bright,
The perfect time for a Mallacoota flight,
Fly a drone or take a panorama too,
Mallacoota's beauty, forever in view,
A sight to treasure, a place to keep,
In our hearts and memories, forever to leap.


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