February 3

Sale Large Format Prints 120×50 and 90×60 on Aluminium

Art, East Gippsland, Sapphire Coast


Exclusive Sale: Large Format Prints on Aluminium

Capture Nature's Beauty on Your Walls!

Are you a lover of breathtaking landscapes? Want to adorn your walls with a touch of nature's magic? Look no further! I present to you an exclusive collection of large format prints from February 2022 that beautifully encapsulates nature's allure.


  • Size: Available in 120x50cm and 90x60cm
  • Material: Printed on high-quality aluminium for a sleek, modern look.
  • Edition: From a limited collection of 24 prints, only 6 remain. This is your chance to own a rare piece of art.
  • Images: The images showcased include:
    • Two mesmerising sunrises over the Mallacoota lake
    • A sprawling view of Betka Beach
    • The serene Aslings Ocean Pool in Eden

Special Offer for October 2023:

  • Price: Grab them now for just $280 for the panoramas.
  • Framing: Add a rustic touch with recycled wooden frames for an additional $80.
  • Total Price with Frame: $360 (Original price: $595). That's a whopping discount you shouldn't miss!

These prints will not only bring a touch of serenity to your space but also serve as a constant reminder of nature's endless wonders. Each piece tells a story, and with such a massive discount, there's no better time to add these stories to your collection.

Note: The sale is exclusive and stocks are limited. Secure your print now and let nature grace your walls! PS: I have a print of the 2nd Koala ATM.


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