December 21

Renewal at Bastion Point: A Tale of Tides and Transformation 21 Dec 2023

East Gippsland


Today, I bring you a story of change, of effort, and of nature's unyielding beauty at Bastion Point. As we edge closer to the festive days of Christmas, a remarkable transformation is taking place on our beloved coast.

A Beach in the Making Our journey begins at the Bastion Point Boat Ramp, where the landscape is undergoing a striking metamorphosis. Over the past few days, a fleet of trucks has been diligently sculpting the shoreline, removing thousands of tonnes of sand and kelp. The result? A soon-to-be pristine beach that promises to be the jewel of our Christmas celebrations.

The Breath of the Southeast As our drone soared over this bustling scene, it was met with the robust breath of the southeast wind. Despite its 15/20 knot strength and the low tide at midday, the water retained its calm—a dark mirror reflecting the skies above, stained with the rich tannins from recent rains.

Venturing into Harrison's Channel The drone's adventure continued up Harrison's channel, where the deep waters and sandbars lay bare beneath the sun. At low tide, the channel revealed its secrets—a labyrinth of dark waterways, weaving between the golden sandbanks, a sight to behold from our aerial vantage point.

A Panoramic Perspective Accompanying this post is a virtual reality 360 panorama that allows you to step into this transformed landscape as if standing amidst the channel itself. The 180-degree images provide a sweeping view of this natural mosaic, while a curated selection of 12 additional photographs completes this visual narrative.

The Poetry of Place In words and imagery, we've captured the essence of this transformation. From the physical labor reshaping the beach to the natural artistry of Harrison's Channel, every element comes together to tell a story—a story of Mallacoota's resilience and beauty.

A Poem: "Tannin Tides"

In the grasp of tides and time, Bastion’s shores are sung,
With the hum of trucks in line, a new beach is sprung.
Harrison whispers deep and wide, in tannin's embrace,
Where the sandbars stretch in pride, under the drone's steady grace.

From the dance of wind and sea, to the boat ramp's open door,
Nature's hand and human plea, craft the coast's new lore.
And as we near the festive cheer, with the ocean's pulse we blend,
At Bastion Point, we hold dear, every change, every mend.

Final Thoughts As you browse through the images and experience the VR panoramas, I invite you to reflect on the beauty of our efforts and the serene complexity of nature at Mallacoota.

For the full array of images and to experience the VR 360, click here: [Link to the blog post with images and VR content]

Embrace the transformation, and may it inspire you to find renewal in your own surroundings.


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