June 25

Reflections from Betka: The Phoenix Rise from Ashes 24 -25 June 2020

East Gippsland


Just five months after the devastating bushfires that swept through our landscapes, the Betka River mouth has become a poignant testament to nature's resilience. The aftermath, stark against the vibrant life still pulsing through the veins of Mallacoota, was both heartrending and hopeful.

In recent days, the blocked river mouth at Betka Beach, a silent witness to the fiery maelstrom, finally broke free, its waters rushing into the sea in a liberating surge. This event was not just a physical transformation but also a metaphor for renewal and beginnings.

Documented through video, stills, and an immersive 360VR experience, the content from June 24 and 25 captures the dichotomy of destruction and the indomitable spirit of growth. The dark waters, tainted by the ashes of the fires, flowed with a somber grace into the ocean, a mix of past sorrows and future promises.

These visual stories are more than just records of an environmental phenomenon; they are narratives of a community and an ecosystem fighting back. The imagery is stark—blackened trees stand sentinel over a landscape that once teemed with verdant life. Yet, there's an underlying beat of hope in the gentle lapping of the river's newly freed waters.

As the Betka River mouth finds its path to the sea once more, we are reminded of the importance of resilience, both ecological and communal. This natural event is a milestone in our journey to recovery, a sign that even the most devastating wounds can heal.

The documentation serves as a reminder and a rallying cry: to cherish, to protect, and to stand in awe of the natural world's power and its capacity for regeneration. We invite you to witness this transformation, to reflect on the impermanence of calamity, and to celebrate the steadfastness of life.

As we continue to navigate the aftermath of the bushfires, let's embrace this moment at the Betka River mouth as a symbol of hope, a natural cycle completing its course, and a community standing strong in the face of adversity.

Above are a dozen images from my Phone from 9 June 2020


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