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Re Visit of Captain Stevenson’s Point 24 Jan 2023

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A Labour of Love: The Making of a Stunning Print

There's always something gratifying about seeing a moment you've captured come to life in a physical form. Today, I reached another milestone in my journey as a photographer and artist. I completed a canvas print measuring 120x42cm, framed with 4cm of recycled hardwood that's been elegantly waxed to bring out its natural beauty. This image, taken at the end of January 2023, truly encapsulates the essence of the stunning day it represents.

The journey from clicking the shutter to framing the canvas has been a rewarding experience, and I am incredibly proud of the result. It's not just about the technique or the quality of the print itself; it's about capturing a moment in time at a place that speaks to so many of us on a deep, emotional level. Given the popularity of the images from this day, it seems I'm not the only one moved by these landscapes.

This print joins the other works featured in this blog post, offering another dimension to the multi-faceted beauty of Captain Stevensons Point and Mallacoota. It's a slice of paradise that you can own, a vivid reminder of the untamed elegance that characterises this part of Australia. So if you've been moved by the panoramic shots, the VR 360 images, or the 4k video, here's another opportunity to bring a part of this paradise into your home.

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In a land where the sky meets the sea, where the tides and the heavens collide,
Stands Captain Stevenson's Point,
a vista both humble and wide.
With crystal clear waters beneath,
and a stunning blue sky up above,
This corner of Victoria's coast is a place that many do love.

From Bastion Point's vantage, the mouth and the forshore align,
Extending to Coulls Inlet, where boats on calm waters recline.
Oh, that sky, a canvas of blue, with clouds like a dreamer's desire,
Paints a picture, a postcard, a scene that will never tire.

Each cloud is a stanza, each wave a chorus of cheer,
Celebrating the beauty that we are so blessed to be near.
So here stands this sanctuary, steadfast through time and tide,
A monument to the elements, in majesty, they do confide.

Let words sing and colors dance, in poems and pictures unfurl,
The splendor of this coastal point, a gem in the ocean's swirl.
Through changing years and shifting shores, this grandeur will never flee,
A timeless part of Victoria, a place for you and me.


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