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Rain-Soaked Serenity: An Afternoon at Gipsy Point 3 Dec 2023



As the last drops of a six-day deluge whispered their farewells, I ventured out to Gipsy Point, where the confluence of the Genoa and Wallagaraugh rivers paints a landscape both serene and spirited. The skies, a tapestry of grey, held the promise of more rain, making the flight of my drone a game of chance against the elements. It's not waterproof, after all, and each droplet felt like a ticking clock against the drone’s delicate machinery.

The Dance of the Rain

The afternoon was wet, a gentle reminder of the rain’s persistent embrace. In some of the video, you’ll notice the raindrops that managed to photobomb their way into the frame, adding a layer of authenticity to the atmosphere of Gipsy Point on a day like this. The township, picturesque in its resilience, was thoroughly drenched, its colours deepened and enriched by the saturation.

Rivers on the Rise

The Genoa and Wallagaraugh rivers, swollen with the runoff, were in a hurry to meet the sea. Their usually calm waters were now a testament to nature's restlessness, carrying with them the stories of the hinterland, the forests, and the wild. The footage captures this extraordinary volume of water, a sight both beautiful and humbling.

A Community Weathering the Storm

The main jetty at Gipsy Point stood defiant, its structure just above the waterline. On the Genoa River side, the jetties weren’t as fortunate, showing signs of damage. A large tree, uprooted and defeated by the storm, had found its final resting place among them. The casualties of the storm were there for all to see: a sunken boat paying tribute to the power of the rising rivers, another boat incongruously perched atop a jetty, and a Hobie Kayak that seemed almost placed by an artist's hand for contrast.

Capturing the Moment

This VR360 video and accompanying images are not just a record of an afternoon’s weather; they are a narrative. They tell a story of a small township's encounter with the forces of nature, of beauty found in the aftermath, and of a community's silent resolve. Gipsy Point, with its rivers running high and its jetties barely clinging on, remains as picturesque as ever, its charm undiminished by the wet embrace.

Reflections from Above

As the drone returned, its mission accomplished against the odds of rain, I was left with a profound sense of respect for this little corner of the world. Gipsy Point, even when soaked to the bone, is a place of incredible charm and strength. The rain, while it may alter the landscape and challenge the residents, also brings life and a reminder of the natural cycles that govern our world.

We invite you to view the VR360 video and images to fully appreciate the wet beauty of Gipsy Point. Let yourself be enveloped in the ambiance of a place that, even in the midst of a downpour, can inspire and awe.


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