November 30

Rain Drenched Mallacoota from the Wharf 30 Nov 2023

East Gippsland


Discovering Mallacoota: A Journey Through Rain, Tide, and Resilience

Exploring the Rain-Drenched Beauty of Mallacoota

Welcome to our latest blog post where we dive into the breathtaking landscapes of Mallacoota, Victoria. This quaint coastal town, recently drenched in rainfall, presents an entirely new face, one that we've captured through stunning photography, a 360 VR experience, and a captivating drone video.

The Flooded Wharf and Rising Lake

Our journey begins at the wharf, which recent rains have transformed into a scene straight out of a watercolor painting. The lake has risen by an astonishing meter, submerging the familiar into a grey, watery world. Through our series of photos, you can witness how the landscape has adapted to this change, reflecting Mallacoota's resilience.

A 360 VR Experience of Coull's Inlet and Captain Stevenson's Point

In this serene 360VR image taken 30 meters above the fish cleaning station at Mallacoota's wharf, you find yourself in a tranquil, almost meditative space during a brief respite from the rain. Below, the normally bustling area is quiet, with just a few intrepid sightseers taking advantage of the break in the weather to explore. The station, usually a hub of activity, stands calm and reflective, surrounded by the gentle waters and the soft, verdant landscape of the region, creating a moment of peaceful harmony amidst the wet weather.

Drone Video: A Bird's Eye View of Nature's Drama

Our drone video is the highlight of this post. Starting from the flooded wharf, we ascend to reveal the vast expanse of water covering the Park Oval and town. We capture the high tide at 1.4 meters, slowing the lake's flow to the sea and creating a striking whirlpool at the mouth.

The drone then sweeps across to the mouth of the lake, where the drama intensifies. Waves crash against the shore with a roar, showcasing nature's raw power. This part of the video is a vivid reminder of the strength and beauty of the natural world.

Wrapping Up with a Return to the Wharf

Our visual journey concludes as we circle back to the wharf, giving you a panoramic view of Mallacoota’s charm, even in these extraordinary weather conditions. It's a testament to the town's enduring spirit and the stunning beauty that can be found in nature's most powerful moments.

Experience Mallacoota Like Never Before

Through our collection of photos, the immersive 360 VR, and the dynamic drone video, we invite you to experience Mallacoota in a way that's both unique and deeply moving. Each medium offers a different perspective of this stunning region, highlighting its beauty and resilience in the face of nature's challenges.

We hope this blog post transports you to the heart of Mallacoota, allowing you to witness its transformation and the awe-inspiring power of nature. Remember, each visit, virtual or physical, to this charming town offers a new adventure and a fresh perspective on the wonders of the natural world.


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