February 19

Quarry Beach Unveiled: A Drone’s Eye View of Nature’s Artistry

East Gippsland


This afternoon's adventure took us to the northern end of Quarry Beach in Mallacoota, where the timeless dance of the ocean waves carves the shoreline into a masterpiece of natural beauty. With our drone poised high above, we embarked on a 10-minute tour, our cameras capturing the essence of this coastal treasure from every conceivable angle.

As the drone glided over the beach, the mid-afternoon sun threw a warm, golden light over the landscape. It illuminated the vivid greens of the seaweed-clad rocks and cast long, tranquil shadows that stretched lazily across the sand. The gentle crash of the waves provided a rhythmic soundtrack to our flight, a melody of nature that played out beneath us.

Our journey was not only about breadth but also depth. We descended for intimate 360 and 180 images that offered panoramic views of Quarry Beach's north end. These immersive shots allow you to stand at the center of it all, to turn and gaze out across the water, to the horizon, then back to the lush, life-rich greenery that frames the beach. You can almost feel the spray of the sea and the kiss of the sun on your face as you look around.

The still photographs we took are like windows into the soul of Quarry Beach, each frame a still life of wave, rock, and sand. They capture the fleeting moments when the ocean's foam reaches out to the land, a white hand extended in greeting to the golden sands of the shore.

Join us on the blog to experience Quarry Beach as never before. The drone tour video, the interactive 360 and 180 images, and the gallery of photos are more than just a visual feast—they are an invitation to connect with the heart of this stunning locale. Whether you're seeking a moment of peace, a spark of adventure, or simply a reminder of the world's natural wonders, our afternoon at Quarry Beach is sure to deliver.

Whispers of Quarry Beach

Upon the shore of Quarry's reach,
Where time has sculpted, wave on beach,
The sun casts down its golden speech,
In Mallacoota, nature's leech.

The rocks, aged in stoic lore,
Stand guard along the storied shore,
Their layers tell of epochs yore,
A rugged frame for ocean’s roar.

The northern view, a tranquil plea,
Where green meets blue in harmony,
And waves caress the sand so free,
A dance of wild serenity.

Mid-afternoon, the light so bold,
Adorns the beach in hues of gold,
And every grain of sand is rolled,
In nature’s hand, which we behold.

Here, where the ancient and new meld,
The sea's soft whispers are compelled,
To speak of mysteries held,
In Quarry’s beauty, unparalleled.


180 Panorama, 360 Image, coastal beauty, drone tour, Mallacoota, nature photography, Quarry Beach

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