May 14

Quarry Beach 14 May 2023 VR360



Step into a virtual exploration of Quarry Beach, a hidden gem in Mallacoota. With our immersive 18-image Insta360 VR tour and a captivating VR360 video, we invite you to experience this breathtaking location's ancient allure. Quarry Beach, aptly named for its striking resemblance to a quarry, reveals layers upon layers of age-old rock formations, framed by towering cliffs up to 30 meters high.

Gift your children an adventure into the past, letting their imagination roam free on this kilometer-long beach. Amid the captivating geological formations, there's plenty of sandy expanse near the carpark perfect for a family swim. The consistent beach breaks also make it an appealing spot for surfing enthusiasts.

Beyond its geological wonders, Quarry Beach is a paradise for anglers. With easy access to a diverse range of fishing spots including beach, rocks, reef, and headland, it's a popular spot for both local and visiting fishermen.

Unpatrolled yet enchanting, Quarry Beach bears a hazard rating of 6/10 due to rips, strong currents, and winds. It's a serene escape just a 10-minute drive south of Mallacoota's town center, offering over 1km of sandy foreshore bookended by rocky headlands.

Whether you're in for swimming, surfing, or fishing, or simply longing for a peaceful retreat surrounded by nature's ancient grandeur, Quarry Beach is your destination. Come, join us on this virtual journey, and let Quarry Beach's timeless beauty beckon you for a real visit.


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