April 10

Pelican patrol and Mallacoota fishing

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The large stunning Pelican stands on the corner of the fishing platform, looking intently at the lines of two lads fishing behind it. The sky is overcast, and the wind blows, creating a chill in the air. The clouds overhead are a blue-grey color, lending a somber atmosphere to the scene.

In the background, you can see Captain Stevenson's Point and caravans parked in the nearby park. Despite the cold weather, people are gathered on the platform and in the caravans, all looking out at the water in anticipation of a catch.

The fishing platform itself is made of sturdy wood, with rails and supports to keep anglers safe. The water below is calm, with small waves lapping at the sides of the platform. In the distance, you can see other boats and structures on the water, creating a sense of depth and perspective.

Overall, your photo captures a beautiful moment in time, with nature and people coming together to enjoy the simple pleasure of fishing. Despite the weather, everyone is focused on the possibility of a catch, and the pelican stands guard, waiting for its chance to snatch up any fish that might come its way.

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The wind is blowing, the clouds are grey
But on the Fishing Platform, we choose to stay
In the company of pelicans and friends
Our love for fishing never ends

The lines are cast, the bait is set
As we wait for the fish to take the bait
Captain Stevenson's Point, caravans in the park
Nature surrounds us, making its mark

The pelican stands, majestic and proud
Its eyes fixed on the water, scanning the crowd
We look on in awe, at its grace and beauty
A true symbol of nature's diversity

In Mallacoota's waters, we find peace
As we enjoy the simple pleasures of life, with ease
Fishing, friends, and nature in one place
A serene moment, we'll never replace


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