November 30

Pebbly Beach 30 Nov

East Gippsland


Pebbly Beach, just past Secret Beach (currently with no sign) has excellent access, good path over bridge onto the sand, lots of interesting rocks and a good sand beach for a swim. Small creek running in after rain. 

Pebbly Beach: Beauty Beyond Secret Beach

Where Serenity Meets the Sands –
Your Guide to Mallacoota's Secluded Shores

Nestled just a whisper away from the enigmatic Secret Beach, Pebbly Beach emerges like a well-kept secret of Mallacoota's coastline.  It's here, past the paths, where a bridge serves as a portal to a sandy haven, inviting us to explore its untamed charm.

A steady path leads over a new bridge, offering a gentle descent onto the soft sands of Pebbly Beach. The journey is as pleasant as the destination, winding through the embracing foliage that whispers tales of the sea with every rustling leaf.

The beach itself is a tapestry of textures, a collection of intriguing rocks that each tell a geological story, set against stretches of fine sand that beckon for barefoot walks and lazy swims. The water is clear, reflecting the vast Australian sky and inviting swimmers to immerse themselves in the refreshing embrace of the ocean.

After a generous rainfall, a small creek forms, weaving its way through the landscape and offering a delicate freshwater contrast to the salty sea. It creates a natural symphony with the sounds of trickling water playing alongside the ocean's roar—a melody that speaks of nature's intricate balance.

In the accompanying video, we glide over this picturesque locale, the drone's eye revealing the grandeur of Pebbly Beach in a sweeping 360 panorama. The camera dips and weaves, capturing the dance of light on water and the mosaic of pebbles and rocks that give this beach its name.

The panoramas presented in this blog extend the visual journey. Each panoramic view offers a different perspective of Pebbly Beach's varied landscapes—from the rock-pooled fringes where marine life thrives, to the broad expanse of sand that fades into the bushland, a verdant backdrop that completes this natural masterpiece.

The photo, the very inspiration for this post, captures the essence of Pebbly Beach. The vast blues and greens of the sea gradient, the soft hues of the sand, and the rugged greys of the rocks are all framed by a sky that stretches into infinity. The panoramic shot conveys the tranquil solitude of this place—a beach that remains unspoilt and authentic, reflective of Mallacoota's raw beauty.

In closing, let us recite a stanza, in honour of Pebbly Beach's understated grace:

Just past the trail where secrets keep,
Lies Pebbly Beach, serene and deep.
Rocks tell tales of time’s slow creep,
Where ocean songs lull the sun to sleep.

Here at Pebbly Beach, every grain of sand, every stone, and every wave seems to stand apart, as if nature itself has curated this corner of the world for the quiet contemplation and joy of those who discover it. So, come, let the path over the bridge lead you to a day of relaxation and discovery, to a place where Mallacoota whispers its secrets to those who seek them.


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