October 25

Panoramic Sunset over Mallacoota 25 Oct 2022

Art, East Gippsland


Capturing Nature's Palette: 

As anyone who's ever ventured to Mallacoota knows, the area boasts some of Australia's most enchanting natural landscapes. On this particular evening, the skies conspired to offer a performance that was nothing short of breathtaking.

The 180° Drone Panorama

Our adventure begins with a captivating 180° drone panorama overlooking Coull's Inlet and the vast expanse of the lake at Mallacoota. As the sun bids adieu, it drapes the heavens in a vibrant blanket of oranges, pinks, and golds. But nature's drama doesn't end there. From the North West, formidable storm clouds make their entrance, their dark, brooding forms contrasting with the fiery sunset. In the distance, by the Howe Ranges near Gabo Island, a delicate fog starts to appear, its misty fingers also touching the Narrows in the lake. The scene is a powerful testament to nature's dynamic play of light, shadow, and mist. 

The YouTube Video

Dive deeper into the Mallacoota experience with our drone footage on YouTube. Trace the meandering path of Lakeside Drive as it hugs the lake's edge, offering glimpses of Mallacoota's prestige homes at Stingray Point. These homes, perched perfectly, boast elevated views of both the lake and the distant ocean. The changing weather, the play of sunlight on water, and the tranquillity of the setting all come alive in this video.

VR360 Experience

For those craving an immersive experience, step into our VR360 image. Feel as if you're standing right there on the shores of Coull's Inlet, the world stretching out in all directions, the storm clouds above, and the serene lake below reflecting the last of the sun's golden rays. It's Mallacoota like you've never seen or felt before.

A Poem: Dusk at Mallacoota

In Mallacoota's embrace, where waters gleam,
The setting sun casts its golden beam.
Storm clouds gather, dark and grand,
A painter's dream, on this land.

The distant ocean, so vast and blue,
Contrasts the lake's grey and olive hue.
As night approaches, stars will dance,
In Mallacoota, nature's expanse.

Closing Thoughts

Nature constantly reinvents itself, and in places like Mallacoota, it does so with a flair that leaves us in awe. Whether you're revisiting these memories or experiencing them for the first time, we hope these images and experiences transport you to that magical evening, even if just for a moment.


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