Aluminum Composite Panel 21:9 ratio 1200x514mm matt prints.
From my Photo Library I have made a selection of 24 images for people to order at $495 each. Delivery will be free to Mallacoota by mid January 2022. Freight can be arranged it will be $90 to most locations in Australia. There will be a discount for multiple orders.
They can be ordered as a Christmas present and a voucher given* the recipient can change the photo selected if they want to.
* see refund policy

Being a maths teacher I am interested in numbers the graphic below explains why the Ultrawide ratio is so pleasing to the eye. Especially when in a large image. The evolution is explained as the initial 4:3 ratio 1st squared and then cubed.  Yes 21:9 is actually 21 :9.

Other important ratios are 2:3 and the Golden Ratio 1:1.6180333

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