July 22

Opening the Mallacoota Lake Mouth 22 July 2020

Art, East Gippsland


Captured on 22nd July 2020, this panoramic image offers a breathtaking aerial view of the Mallacoota landscape, dominated by the profound interplay between the lake and the sea. The lake, having receded by over half a meter, unleashes a powerful current of tannin-stained rainwater, flowing determinedly towards the vast expanse of the sea. This rush of water can be traced from the lake, channeling through the newly opened mouth situated on the right.

The impact of the tannin is unmissable. To the right of the mouth, the ocean takes on a distinct brown hue, bearing testimony to nature's organic painting as the tannin-rich water melds with the saltwater. This contrasts sharply with the left (south) side, where the ocean radiates an emerald green, untouched and pristine, seemingly resisting the incoming flow.

Beyond the immediate coastline, the hinterland unveils a patchwork of greenery and terrain, adding depth and context to the coastal drama. The dynamic movement of water, both from the lake and the rhythmic waves of the sea, creates a myriad of textures, from the frothy white waves to the glassy stillness of certain lake parts.

This image is not just a snapshot of a moment in time but also a vivid portrayal of nature's continuous ebb and flow, its resilience, and its ever-changing beauty.

Day 2 after opening, Dive into a mesmerising aerial journey over Mallacoota, as our drone seamlessly glides over the ever-evolving landscape. Recorded on 22nd July 2020, witness firsthand the stunning interplay between the lake and the vast ocean. Observe the lake's significant receding, having dropped by over half a meter, and the ensuing cascade of tannin-stained rainwater as it surges towards the sea through the newly formed mouth. The contrasting hues are striking — the ocean to the right painted in earthy brown, while to the left, a vibrant emerald green holds its ground. As the drone sails further, you'll be captivated by the verdant backdrops of the hinterland, providing context to the coastal ballet below. This video isn't just about capturing Mallacoota's beauty; it's about experiencing nature's dance, its rhythms, and its ever-shifting moods. Join us in this flight, and let Mallacoota's charm envelop you.

Embark on an immersive VR360 tour, hovering 120 meters above the captivating Mallacoota landscape, where the serenity of the lake meets the majesty of the ocean. This unique vantage point offers a 360-degree panoramic view, allowing you to explore every nook and cranny of this natural paradise. Witness the dramatic ebb and flow as the lake's waters, rich with tannin, merge with the vast expanse of the sea. With the freedom to look in any direction, you'll see the shimmering emerald green of the ocean to the south, starkly juxtaposed against the tannin-infused brown waters to the north. As you pivot and pan, the lush hinterland unfolds, adding layers of depth to the coastal spectacle below. Every turn offers a new perspective, from the rhythmic dance of the waves to the tranquil stillness of the lake's more secluded areas. With crystal clear visuals and surround sound, you'll feel the gentle breeze, hear the distant call of seabirds, and almost touch the waters below. Step into this VR360 experience and let Mallacoota's unparalleled beauty surround and captivate you.


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