April 15

Navigating the Natural Splendours: Pebbly Beach walking south

East Gippsland


Today's trek along the coastal track from Pebbly Beach to Shipwreck Creek was a feast for the senses, a journey through a corridor of natural marvels that frame the sapphire sea. With the sun casting its benevolent gaze upon us, we set off to capture the essence of this coastal stretch in its full panoramic glory.

About 2 km into our walk, we found the perfect launch point to send our drone skyward, inviting us to view this stunning piece of coastline from an aerial perspective. The first image, looking north towards Mallacoota, unfolds a tapestry of vibrant blues and greens, a dynamic interface where the bush meets the ocean, the wild scrubland softening into the embrace of the undulating waves.

Turning southward, the drone's lens captured an equally mesmerizing scene: the coastline stretching towards Shipwreck Creek, a dramatic interplay of rugged cliffs and the endless expanse of the Pacific Ocean. It's as if we're tracing the footsteps of ancient explorers, with each frame revealing new secrets of the land and sea.

Amidst this scenic splendor, we paused to record 360VR video footage, ensuring that you can experience this journey as vividly as if you were walking beside us. These immersive moments are designed to transport you to the heart of Mallacoota's wild beauty, to stand atop the cliffs and gaze out over the waters that have witnessed history's ebb and flow.

This blog post, accompanied by the VR footage and our drone photos, is not just a recount of a day's walk; it is an ode to the timeless allure of Australia's coast—a place where every look around is a story, and every story is a memory etched into the landscape.

Stay tuned for the full narrative of our adventure, complete with the sights, sounds, and soul of this enchanting coastal walk, from the pebbled shores of Pebbly Beach to the historic depths of Shipwreck Creek.


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