March 19

Navigating Nature: Sand Surge at Mallacoota’s Boat Ramp

East Gippsland


On this bright 19th of March 2024, the dance between land and sea at Mallacoota Mouth is elegantly exposed. A low tide reveals the sandbar's full glory, cutting a swathe through the water, dividing river from ocean. Our latest blog post explores this natural phenomenon with captivating drone footage, immersive 360° vistas, and sweeping 180° panoramas.

Today, we take a closer look at Bastion Point's Boat Ramp—a sandy challenge for vessels as the tide retreats, a reminder of nature's playful obstacles. Captured mid-afternoon, about two hours past low tide, the aerial photo showcases the vibrant intersection of sand, surf, and craftsmanship, with the NE breeze gently urging the waves.

Beneath the sun's warm, watchful eye,
The sands of Bastion Point lie dry.
Boats rest uneasy on the sandy floor,
As the ocean retreats, revealing more.

The mouth whispers secrets of the deep,
Where the currents of the sea gently sweep.
In the light of the day, with a breeze so light,
Mallacoota's charm is an endless delight.


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