June 18

Mount Coonowrin Glass House Mountains



Welcome to a calming journey around Mount Coonowrin, one of the majestic peaks in the Glass House Mountains. Today, we offer you a harmonious blend of aerial drone footage, panoramic stills, and immersive 360-degree VR images. The Glass House Mountains, situated in Queensland, Australia, are renowned for their stunning landscapes, and Mount Coonowrin stands as one of its prominent features.

The Drone Video: As our drone takes off, the first scene presents Mount Coonowrin under a crystal clear blue sky, embellished with a few cotton wool clouds along the horizon. The gentle flight around the mountain unveils the textured crags and peaks, which are bathed in soft shadows and natural light. The unhurried motion of the drone gives ample time to absorb the tranquillity and appreciate the geological wonders that form Mount Coonowrin.

180-Degree Panoramas: Next, we have curated a series of 180-degree panoramas that capture the wide essence of Mount Coonowrin and its surroundings. The expanse of the natural landscape is showcased in vivid detail. Notice the play of colours as the greenery of the trees contrasts with the subtle hues of the rocks and the richness of the blue sky. These panoramic shots are your window to experience the Glass House Mountains as if you are standing right there.

360-Degree VR Images: To elevate your experience further, step into the immersive world of 360-degree VR images. The 360 VR visuals provide an all-encompassing view that places you at the heart of the scenery. With the ability to look around, you'll feel as though you are standing atop one of the vantage points, surrounded by the serene beauty that defines Mount Coonowrin.

Conclusion: Mount Coonowrin and the Glass House Mountains are treasures of nature that exude calmness and serenity. Through this collection of drone footage, 180-degree panoramas, and 360 VR images, we hope you found a moment of peace and a deeper connection with the natural world.


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