May 6

Marlo where the Snowy River Meets Bass Strait

East Gippsland


Nestled at the edge of Victoria's breathtaking coastline, Marlo is a picturesque village where the mighty Snowy River concludes its journey, flowing gracefully into the vast expanse of Bass Strait. A weekend here offers more than just a scenic escape; it provides a sensory feast of sights, sounds, and stories, captured beautifully through drone photography, VR360 videos, and evocative local poetry and songs.

The Heart of Marlo - The Marlo Hotel

Prominently featured in our visuals is the historic Marlo Hotel, an iconic establishment that has served as a welcoming beacon to travelers for decades. Overlooking the estuary, the hotel offers a stunning vantage point of where fresh waters blend with the ocean. It’s the perfect spot to soak in panoramic views while enjoying local cuisine or a sunset drink.

Snowy River's Grand Exit

The Snowy River's journey through the rugged Australian landscape culminates at Marlo, where it meets the sea. Our collection of VR360 images and panoramic photos captures this spectacular natural phenomenon. Viewers can virtually stand at the confluence, feeling the rush of river waters merging with the oceanic tides, a sight that is both majestic and serene.

Immersive Experiences

This weekend experience is enriched with immersive VR360 content, allowing you to stand on the shores of Marlo from anywhere in the world. Feel the gentle breeze and hear the subtle sounds of water and wildlife, as if you were there, strolling along the river’s edge or exploring the sandy stretches of the coastline.

Echoes of Marlo - Poetry and Songs

Marlo not only captivates with its beauty but also inspires with its cultural expressions. Included in our blog are selections of poetry and songs that reflect the deep connection between Marlo’s natural wonders and its community. These pieces echo the rhythmic pull of the tides and the timeless tales of the land and sea.

Why Visit Marlo?

A weekend in Marlo offers an escape to a place where nature's dynamics are on full display. It’s a haven for photographers, nature lovers, and anyone seeking tranquility away from the hustle of city life. Whether you’re watching the powerful meeting of river and ocean, dining at the Marlo Hotel with views of Bass Strait, or getting lost in local lore through songs and poetry, Marlo promises a rejuvenating retreat.

 Experience the magic of the Snowy River’s mouth, explore panoramic views in stunning high definition, and dive into the cultural tapestry that makes Marlo uniquely enchanting. Join us virtually, and perhaps plan your next real-world escape to the enchanting coast of Marlo.


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